Michael Wert
Dr. Michael WertMarquette University

Sensenbrenner Hall, 203C

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
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Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor


Michael Wert is an associate professor of East Asian history with a focus on early modern and modern Japan. He also engages pedagogy through his work on world history texts and other public writing.


Ph.D., California-Irvine, 2007

Courses Taught

At Marquette he teaches undergraduate courses on Japanese history, premodern East Asian history, and violence, and for graduate students he teaches early modern world history, and theory/methodology.


Modern Japan


His first book Meiji Restoration Losers: Memory and Tokugawa Supporters in Modern Japan engages memory theory by asking how memory can help answer broader historical questions. Specifically, it traces the “memory landscapes” of the Meiji Restoration from 1868 to the present through the lens of those on the losing side.

His second project continues to center around the Meiji Restoration, using theoretical tools to investigate the role of martial fantasy, culture, and violence in the early modern period.