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Deadline for applications have been extended to April 1, 2017.

The Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) at Marquette University is a federally funded program that provides opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in health professions. Our programs range from recruitment efforts at local middle schools to retention of students enrolled in professional programs at Marquette.


HCOP is sponsored by a federal grant through the Department of Health and Human Services, which provides academic and support services for disadvantaged students.

Any disadvantaged student who is accepted into the program can receive a wide range of services, including tutorial assistance, personal counseling and academic advising. Many HCOP students also give back to the program by coordinating programs, working as peer advisers and serving as mentors in the high school programs.


Marquette is among the nation's leaders in educating disadvantaged students. Federal funding for Marquette's HCOP program began in 1981 with the School of Dentistry and in 1992 with the Department of Physical Therapy. Since 1996, the School of Dentistry has partnered with the Physical Therapy Department and College of Health Sciences in a joint HCOP effort. Since 1981, our HCOP programs have graduated more than 900 health professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Marquette's Department of Physical Therapy has also received numerous national awards for its minority initiatives from the American Physical Therapy Association. These include the Student Outreach for Cultural Diversity Awareness Award, three Minority Scholarship Awards for Excellence, the Minority Initiatives Award and the Minority Achievement Award.

Program is scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 15 and end Friday, July 28.


For more information about Marquette's Health Careers Opportunity Program, please contact us at (414) 288-5505 or via email.

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