Research Assistantship

A research assistant (RA) carries out activities associated with research studies that are assigned by their departments or principal research investigators. Most programs grant research assistantships for fall and spring semesters. RAs receive 10-month stipends and full tuition scholarships for their work.

Amounts: Stipends start at $13,517. In addition, up to 18 credits of tuition scholarship and health insurance are offered.

Eligible Programs: All graduate programs.

Requirements and Restrictions: Students must be admitted to degree programs by the date of the application deadline, and be registered full-time during their award terms. Additional outside employment is not allowed. Complete rules and guidelines for graduate assistants can be viewed below.

Application Process and Deadlines: New applicants for Graduate School admission should apply online by the appropriate deadline.

Admitted students should request and submit a paper application or apply online by February 15 for fall, or November 15 for spring.

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