I did not receive my stipend check this month. Whom should I contact?

First, you should contact your department office to see if it received your paycheck. If it didn't, ask the department if it prepared and submitted a salary authorization and sent it to the payroll department by that month's deadline. If your award offer was made or if your acceptance was received after the payroll deadline for that month (typically the 15th of the month), there was not enough time to process your check. If your department processed your salary authorization and submitted it by the deadline, ask your department to contact the payroll office on your behalf to investigate. Some possible payroll department problems that might hold up your paycheck include:

You may not have filled out all needed payroll/employment documents, including an I-9 form. If you are an international student but do not have a social security card, you must get one and present it to BOTH the payroll office for your paycheck and the Office of the Registrar so your number may be placed on your records.

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