How long do I have to complete my degree?

Students must complete all requirements for a master's within six years, or a doctoral degree within eight years. Students who are unable to complete their degree within the time limit may petition the Graduate School for an extension using the Request for Extension of Time form. 

To ensure timely consideration, the Request for Extension of Time form should be filed early in the term in which the time limit expires. If the request is approved, the student is notified of the expectations for progress and completion of the degree. If the request is denied, the student is terminated from the graduate program. 

Failure to complete the program or to obtain an approved extension of time may result in the student's being administratively withdrawn from the program. These students must follow the guidelines for readmission. 

Note: Extensions are seldom granted for most graduate students, although students in programs that have higher credit requirements may receive special consideration for extensions.

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