Financial Verification Information: International F-1 Visa Students Without Aid or Alternate for Aid: 3-YEAR DOCTORAL DEGREE

Estimated minimum expenses:


All Programs
Education ONLY
Tuition for first academic year 2014-15
Living and incidental expenses for 12 months
TOTAL costs for first year (12 months)
Total estimated expenses for degree
TOTAL Estimated Expenses Which Must Be Verified


Note: Admitted students will be provided with all required forms that are needed. The Marquette University Graduate School does not require or accept financial verification documents prior to an offer of admission being extended.

International students who will study at Marquette University as F-1 Visa students must receive a Federal Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) from Marquette. Federal laws and university policy permit us to send the Form I-20 as soon as we receive:

    1. acceptable documents from the student detailing financial support and
    2. the student's advanced deposit of US $5,000.

All Marquette F-1 students are required to have satisfactory health insurance. The cost of your first semester's insurance will be deducted from your advanced deposit. The remaining portion of your deposit will be credited to your Bursar account, and you will need to pay the balance of your tuition upon your arrival. Failure to do so could result in serious financial consequences as well as status and enrollment problems. Please contact the Office of International Education for information regarding your health insurance. If for whatever reason you are unable to become a Marquette graduate student, all but $10 of your advanced deposit is refundable is refundable.

After your I-20 is issued, the Office of International Education (OIE) at Marquette University will send you information regarding your arrival and orientation. They can assist you with legal, personal and nonacademic matters, including housing. Information about OIE can be found at


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