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What does the Senior Challenge gift support?

Seniors are encouraged to choose a cause that is closely aligned to their heart. If there is not specific group, organization or department you wish to support, the Senior Challenge committee suggests supporting the Scholars Fund- a scholarship fund that provides immediate impact on the lives of our fellow classmates.

However you may choose to support any fund you wish and your gift will count towards Senior Challenge's goal.  

How much should I give?

In honor of your graduation year, a $20.16 gift is suggested. There is no minimum gift to participate in the Senior Challenge.  The goal is not to raise a specific dollar amount.  Rather it is to increase participation by educating students on the importance of giving. 

How do I contribute?

The easiest way to contribute to the Senior Challenge is online. Gifts can also be made by phone, mail, fax, and more.  Click here for more information.

Why are students asked to support the university?  Don’t I already pay a huge tuition?

Marquette University is funded by three major sources: tuition, annual giving and endowment.  While tuition costs are significant, it is important to note that tuition dollars represent only 68% of the actual cost of education per student.  Annual giving makes up the difference.  It is the financial lifeblood sustaining the university’s day-to-day mission of delivering a transformational education characterized by excellence, faith, leadership, and service. Finally, the endowment represents gifts of invested funds that produce annual income for a wide variety of purposes including student financial aid.  Endowment provides critical financial stability, ensuring a source of financial support year after year, but it does not cover daily expenses like tuition and annual giving does.

Why should I care?

Take a look back at your time at Marquette and what that has meant to you.  Many of the memorable experiences that you had would not have been possible without the resources that were made available to you.  Gifts made to Marquette in the past few years have directly benefited you in your time here.

Why does my gift matter?

Senior Challenge has the opportunity to make a profound impact with the size of its support. It all depends on our ability to participate. If every senior at Marquette contributed with a gift of $20.16, we could give over $25,000 to our alma mater for scholarships to those students in need.

What’s in it for me?

All Senior Challenge donors will be placed on the website’s honor roll page. Also seniors who take the challenge will be invited to the celebration party during senior week.

Gifts also improve the quality of education at Marquette, thus adding to its prestige.  This, in turn, increases the value of your Marquette degree.  As Marquette continuously improves your Marquette degree suits as a wonderful asset throughout your life.



Make a Gift Online

Choose among three Marquette Today funds: Marquette Fund for building faculty and technology resources, the Blue and Gold Fund for supporting athletics, and the Scholars Fund to support student financial aid and scholarships. Give online