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The Back to the Dorms Challenge is a special part of Senior Challenge that allows seniors to compete with each other based on their freshman dorm assignment. Participation will be based on the senior class’s freshman dorm assignment, and to win, your dorm must have the highest participation rate on campus (# of donors / # of seniors in each dorm from the 2011-2012 school year).

The donors of the winning dorm will win a pizza party and a welcome back to their freshman dorm during Senior Week. Based on availability and construction schedules, seniors will be allowed to tour the dorm and visit their dorm room one last time!

The deadline for giving to the "Back to the Dorms Challenge" will be the Friday of Finals Week (Friday, May 8, 2015). Seniors are asked to give $20.15, the ask of the entire class of 2015.  Gift can be designated toward any fund the senior wishes to support. Give Today!



Please check back for class of 2015 standings. Our previous winners were:

2013 - Cobeen Hall

2012 - Abbottsford Hall



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Choose among three Marquette Today funds: Marquette Fund for building faculty and technology resources, the Blue and Gold Fund for supporting athletics, and the Scholars Fund to support student financial aid and scholarships. Give online