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Spanish faculty and their teaching and research areas

Dr. Eugenia Afinoguénova

Assistant Professor
Resident Director, MU Study Center in Madrid (2005-2007)
Ph.D. 1999; Georgetown University

  • 20th-Century Spanish Peninsular Literature and Cultural Studies
  • European Intellectual History
  • Film Studies
  • Literature and Visual Arts

Dr. Raquel Aguilú de Murphy

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1984; University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • 20th Century Latin American Drama
  • 20th Century Latin American Short Story

Dr. Pilar Bellver

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 1997; University of Pittsburgh

  • Hispanic Languages and Literatures
  • Certificate in Cultural Studies 20th Century Latin American Literature
  • First person narratives by US Latina writers
  • Contemporary Mexican border narrative

Dr. Germán Carrillo

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1969; University of Illinois, Urbana

  • 20th-Century Literature in general (Peninsular and Latin American)
  • Specific Studies on some of the writers of "the boom" and "post-boom": the 80's and the 90's
  • Gabriel García Márquez as special topic
  • Colonial Latin American Literature

Dr. Belén Castañeda

Associate Professor, Chair
Ph.D. 1987; University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • 20th Century - Spanish American Narrative
  • Mario Vargas Llosa
  • Spanish and Spanish American Civilization
  • Generalist

Dr. Dinorah Cortes-Velez

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2006; University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Colonial Latin American Literature
  • Sor Juana InÚs de la Cruz
  • New Spain Baroque of Indies and Spanish Renaissance and Baroque
  • Female Writing

Dr. Scott Dale

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1997; University of Pennsylvania

  • 18th and 19th-Century Literature of Spain
  • Epistolary and Travel Literature
  • Modern Peninsular Novel

Dr. Armando González-Pérez

Ph.D. 1970; Michigan State University

  • Medieval & Renaissance Spanish Literature
  • Spanish & Spanish American Poetry
  • Afro-Hispanic Literature
  • Caribbean Literature

Dr. Todd Hernández

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2004; University of Kansas

  • Foreign Language Education
  • Foreign Language Teaching and Learning Methodology
  • Classroom-based Second Language Acquisition
  • Language Assessment

Dr. Jason Meyler

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2006; State University of New York - Stony Brook

  • US Latino Literature
  • Latin American Modernismo
  • Music and Film emphasizing a pan-American perspective
  • Twentieth Century Latin American Poetry with an Andean concentration
  • Twenty-First and Twentieth Century Latin American, Latino and Chicano Theatre

Dr. Anne Pasero

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1979; University of Southern California

  • Golden Age Spanish Literature
  • 20th-Century Spanish Literature
  • Hispanic Poetry

Dr. Julia Paulk

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2003; Indiana University - Bloomington

  • 19th Century Spanish American Narrative
  • Inter-American Studies
  • Antislavery Literature of the Americas

Dr. Eufemia Sánchez de la Calle

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1990; Michigan State University

  • 20th-Century Narrative of Spain

Dr. Barry Velleman

Ph.D. 1974; University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Descriptive Spanish Linguistics (Morphology and Syntax)
  • Development of Hispanic Grammatical Tradition and Intellectual History
  • Pedagogy



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