Dr. Boubakary Diakite

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

  • French for beginners
  • Intermediate French II
  • Introduction To The Francophone World
  • Francophone Literatures
  • Francophone Poetry
  • Immigration in France: Les Identités Francophopériques
  • Francophone African Cinema
  • Ethnicity in black literatures

Dr. Sarah Gendron

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 2001; University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • 20th Century Literature and Literary Theory
  • 18th Century Literature and Philosophy
  • Poststructuralist Theory, Women's Studies

Repetition, Difference, and Knowledge in the Works of Samuel Beckett, Jacques Derrida, and Gilles Deleuze

Dr. Jeanette Kraemer

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 1974; University of Minnesota

  • Second Language Education
  • French Quebecois and Acadien Culture and Literature
  • French Language Film Contemporary French Drama

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lafouge

Associate Professor Emeritus, December 2014
Ph.D. 1986; Indiana University

  • Language All levels
  • French Art and Culture
  • 16-17th-Century French Literature
  • 19th-Century French Literature
  • Orientalism and Spirituality in Literatures, Cultures and Art

"Étude sur l'orientalisme d'Eugène Fromentin dans ses récits algériens".

Dr. Steven Millen Taylor

Professor Emeritus, May 2011
Ph.D. 1976; Wayne State University

  • Medieval French Language and Literature
  • French for Business
  • African Francophone Cinema

The Trial of Womankind: A Rhyming Translation of Book IV of the Fifteenth-Century Le Champion des Dames
Martin Le Franc Edited and translated by Steven Millen Taylor

The Conception of Mary- A Rhyming Translation of Book V of Le Champion Des Dames by Martin Le Franc (1410-1461). Martin Le Franc Edited and translated by Steven MillenTaylor

Dr. Jennifer Vanderheyden

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 1999; University of Washington

  • XVIIIth century French Literature, Diderot,
  • Theory of Theatrical and Artistic Representation

The Function of the Dream and the Body in Diderot's Works
Peter Lang Publishing 2004


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