Asian Studies minor at Marquette

Introduce yourself to the culture, history, politics, economics, geography, anthropology, sociology, philosophies and religions of Asia.

A total of six courses is needed to complete the interdisciplinary minor. Take two courses from the culture group and two courses from the history and society group. Two more courses from any of the remaining courses below complete the minor.


  • Intercultural Communication
  • Japanese Culture and Civilization
  • Japanese Literature in English Translation
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Islam
  • Hinduism, Yoga and Buddhism

History and society

  • The Vietnam War Era
  • Japan and the Four Dragons (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea)
  • Chinese Politics
  • Japanese and Korean Politics
  • Politics of the Indian Subcontinent
  • International Politics of Asia
  • Seminar in Sociology (appropriate offerings in Asian topics)

See requirements and current course offerings for the Asian studies minor.

Asian Studies

Building Expertise on Asia

Asian Studies MinorMarquette offers a broad range of courses with a focus on Asia. By minoring in Asian studies you not only broaden your knowledge, but you demonstrate to future employers that you are prepared to deal with clients and issues related to Asia. The university offers courses with an Asian focus in the departments of History, Political Science, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Theology, Sociology, and Philosophy, and we expect to add more in the future.

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