The history major explores every aspect of the human experience — politics, economics, religion, social issues and art. It's a discovery of our humanity and our complexity. History helps people think critically about the past, present and future. There are two history majors: history and American military history.

A global perspective.

You will begin your history major with surveys that provide a global perspective on the past and then choose six specialized courses on Western civilization or U.S., European, Latin American, Asian or African history.

Learn from the professors who are doing the research.

The classes they teach are drawn directly from their scholarly work about crime and punishment, children's history, religion and politics, comparative imperialism, Irish nationalism, urbanization, and rock 'n' roll!

Breadth and depth.

History majors have the chance to study the history and cultures of societies around the world in depth through small-group seminars, colloquia and senior experience courses.

Intern. As a history major?

You bet. As a Marquette history major, you'll gain valuable — and relevant — experience through internships with the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum, City Hall and Old World Wisconsin. Don't forget about the Les Aspin Center for Government's congressional internship program if you're looking to be a part of history as it's made on one of its brightest stages.

Public history.

Interested in working in a museum or serving as a guide in a national park or at a historical site? Our program in public history is for you.

Suggested curriculum

Major courses are bolded.


  • Growth of Western Civilization I & II
  • UCCS - Rhetoric and Composition I & II
  • UCCS - Introduction to Theology
  • UCCS - Science and Nature*
  • Foreign Language I & II


  • Growth of the American Nation I & II
  • UCCS - Literature/Performing Arts*
  • UCCS - Mathematical Reasoning*
  • UCCS - Philosophy of Human Nature
  • Foreign Language III
  • UCCS - Individual and Social Behavior*


  • Modern European History Elective
  • American History Elective
  • UCCS - Theory of Ethics
  • UCCS - Theology*


  • Global History Elective
  • History Electives
  • Senior Experience
  • Electives

*Choose from list of approved UCCS (University Core of Common Studies) courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.