Commitment to Diversity

As a university, we cherish our commitment to a diverse student body. We think this commitment to a diverse campus enhances your academic experience by exposing you to a variety of backgrounds, attitudes, beliefs and experiences. Marquette continues to be one of the most diverse campuses in Wisconsin.

Where we come from

Marquette is home to 8,238 undergraduate and 3,056 graduate students.

The university's reputation draws students from nearly every state and 72 countries.

Sixty-seven percent of students come from outside Wisconsin.

Who we are — Class of 2020

29 percent students of color

19 percent legacy students (students with a parent or sibling who attended Marquette)

22 percent first-generation college students (the first in their family to attend college)

2 percent non-resident alien students (international students)

1:1 male-to-female ratio

61 percent Catholic

95 percent reside on campus