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The Graduate Experience

At Marquette University, graduate studies in English offers both immediate and long-term rewards. While at Marquette, students will enjoy opportunities to:



Here's a list of our recent M.A. and Ph.D. graduates.

After graduation, M.A. students pursue careers in the following:

After graduation, the majority of our Ph.D. students find employment in tenure track positions at colleges and universities around the country and, in some instances, around the world.


Programs of Study

The Department offers two graduate degrees:

Our programs of study:


Admissions Process

Inquiries from any interested prospective student are welcome.



Graduate students should assume full responsibility for their progress by keeping an up-to-date record of the courses they have taken and by checking regularly with the English Department and the Graduate School offices.

The Department of English provides advice via

The Graduate School provides advice via



For further information about our graduate programs, contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Heather Hathaway, at




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