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2013 Summer Research Reports

A High-Speed, Low-Cost Sampling Device for Measuring Combustion Free Radicals
Dr. Casey M. Allen
Christopher Spaulding

Discrimination and Classification of Gait Patterns Using Myoelectric Signals in Trans-Tribal Amputees
Dr. Scott A. Beardsley
Richard Schroeder

Optimizing Flow Patterns Over Vascular Cells: Reducing Cellular Proliferation for Application to Drug Eluting Stents
Dr. John F. LaDisa
Daphne Gutierrez

Design of a Small Aquaponics System
Dr. Richard W. Marklin
James Deane

Introduction to Experimental and Analytical Approaches for Improving HVAC&R Equipment Efficiency
Dr. Margaret Mathison
Luke Jung

Knowlede Discovery for Electricity Demand Forecasting
Dr. Richard J. Povinelli
Greg Merkel

A Concrete Mixture with Small Shrinkage to Reduce Early-Age Cracking in Bridge Decks
Dr. Baolin Wan
Timothy Lewis
Yutian Sun

Humanoid Vision and Tracking
Dr. Andrew B. Williams
Corey Randolph


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