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Engineering ethics and values minor

The College of Engineering offers a minor in engineering ethics and values.

The goal of this program is to involve engineering students in an elective program that will help them (a) understand the impact of Christian, Catholic and Jesuit values on engineering ethics (b) recognize current engineering ethical issues and (c) strengthen moral resolve to act courageously on these issues once they enter the engineering profession.

Requirements include: PHIL 1001, PHIL 2310, and THEO 1001. Students are also required to participate in four one-credit ENEV colloquia (ENEV 1952, 2952, 3952, 4952). Final course requirements include: three credit hours from the following: BIEN 4931 (specific topics only), CEEN 3720, CEEN 4740, and six additional credit hours from PHIL 4320, PHI L4330, PHIL 3740, PHIL 3350, PHIL 4335, SOCI 3520, SOCI 4400, SOWJ 1001, THEO 2400, THEO 4430, THEO 4440, THEO 4450, MANA 3002, BIEN 4931(specific topics only), CEEN 3720, CEE N4740.

The minor requires 22 credits but with planning can be completed with minimum overload. For example, if a student elects to take:

The overload (i.e., minor degree requirements above an -beyond the engineering major requirements) is a mere four credits, the four one-credit ENEV colloquia (ENEV 1952, 2952, 3952, 4952) trequired to complete this minor.

Contact Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Chris Perez for more information or call (414) 288-7080.


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