Hyunjae Park, Ph.D.

Hyunjae Park, Ph.D.

Research Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Office: Haggerty Hall 209
E-mail: hyunjae.park@marquette.edu
Phone: (414) 288-6716

Research interests

Professional preparation

Ph.D., 1992, Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles
M.S., 1983, Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea
B.S., 1981, Mechanical Engineering, Han Yang University, Korea

Selected recent publications

Park, H., Bowman, A. and Kim, K., Engineering Graphics, Design and Modeling with UGS NX 6, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., ISBN: 0-07-804094-9 (2009).

Cariapa, V., Park, H., Kim, J., Cheng, C., and Evaristo, A.E.G., “Effect of Abrasive content in media wear and material removal rate in centrifugal disk mass finishing machine,” Transactions of the NAMRC, v36, 341-348 (2008).

Cariapa, V., Park, H., Kim, J., Cheng, C., and Evaristo, A.E.G., “Development of a metal removal model using spherical ceramic media in a centrifugal disk mass finishing machine,” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 39: 92-106 (2008).

Heat Transfer Calculations by Myer Kutz, McGraw- Hill Companies, Inc., ISBN: 0-07-141041-4: Chapter 41, Entitled as “Thermal Analysis of Convectively Cooled Heat-Dissipating Components on Printed Circuit Boards” prepared by Hyunjae Park (2006).

Loughrin, C., Park, H. and Weber, R., “Development of Analysis Algorithm and Computational Methodology for the Evaluation of Non-uniform Energy Conversion System Performance (Part I: Component Analysis Module),” ASME IMECE2006-14960 (2006).



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