Alumna Testimonial

What the program was like for you?

The Healthcare Technologies Management program captured my interest as being a graduate degree from Marquette University concentrating on business and regulatory topics related to Biomedical Engineering. As a recent graduate from Marquette's undergraduate Biomedical Engineering program and working in research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, I wanted to take advantage of the program's opportunity to enhance my project management skills. It was also important to me that I could continue to work full-time and take classes in the evenings. I not only benefited from the program's classes surrounding business topics but it was a huge gain that I could use an assignment I was working on in my current job to complete my Applied Biomedical Engineering Project. It really helped me to apply the program's curriculum to my daily work experience. The other component of the program that I really enjoyed was the opportunity to take a few elective classes. I was able to take a graduate level engineering course on Rehabilitation Engineering as well as a medical school course in Neuroscience, two areas of the Biomedical field I was interested in exploring.

How it's helped you in your current role:

Currently I work for Epic as a Project Manager installing Radiology Information Systems in hospitals across the country. Although I don't participate directly in our product development, I manage multiple implementation projects at one time. I've learned at Marquette through the Healthcare Technologies Management program how to manage processes, how to understand associated regulatory laws and accreditations related to the healthcare industry, and how to complete projects while staying under budget. I've used the knowledge from my undergraduate Biomedical Engineering degree as well as my graduate work to be able to talk about Radiology technology to our customers, to understand our customers' requests for functionality in our system, and to be able to translate end user workflows into system configuration. Through my graduate work, I strive on interdisciplinary teams that involve project managers, technical support, and product developers. I know how to recognize the big picture of an entire project but also the small details and deadlines to ultimately reach the end goal.

~Kelly Milewski
Project Manager, Epic Systems Corp.
HTM Graduate, 2006


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