Engineering class


Assessment Rubric for Program Learning:
Outcome J

Knowledge of contemporary issues

Level of Achievement: 1 Below Expectations Level of Achievement: 2 Meets Expectations Level of Achievement: 3 Exceeds Expectations
Effect of politics on engineering Demonstrates little to no awareness discussion of government regulations or impact of politics on engineering solutions Demonstrates some awareness of government regulations or impact of political decisions on engineering solutions Fully discusses relevant government regulations and/or impact of political decisions on engineering decisions
Future effects of technology trends Concerned only with the immediate impact of engineering solution and does not consider future use. Demonstrates some awareness of future impact of present work Fully discusses impact of present work on future trends in technology
Awareness of societal/cultural norms wrt engineering solutions Little or no consideration given to s/c norms when developing an engineering solution. Some consideration given to impact of engineering solution on existing s/c norms. Thorough examination of s/c norms and modification of engineering solution to serve those norms
Awareness of diversity in engineering Little to no discussion of diversity and or multicultural issues on engineering solution. Demonstrates some awareness of diversity within work performed Fully describes multicultural/diversity impact of present work and shows effort to integrate diverse viewpoints into the engineering solution.
Awareness of job market Little to no awareness of professional opportunities and their connection to economic forces Demonstrates some awareness of economic forces and their impact on the profession. Is able to articulate the connection between economic forces and their possible impact on professional opportunities for themselves and others.


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