Engineering class


Assessment Rubric for Program Learning:
Outcome A

Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering

  Level of Achievement: 1 Below Expectations Level of Achievement: 2 Meets Expectations Level of Achievement: 3 Exceeds Expectations
Mathematical Modeling Does not understand the connection between mathematical models and systems in engineering Chooses a mathematical model or scientific principle that applies to an engineering problem, but has trouble in model development Combines mathematical and/or scientific principles to formulate system models relevant to engineering
Application Does not understand the application of  calculus and higher mathematics in solving engineering problems Shows nearly complete understanding of applications of calculus and higher mathematics  in solving engineering problems Applies concepts of calculus and higher mathematics to solve engineering problems
Terms Mathematical terms are interpreted incorrectly or not at all Most mathematical terms are interpreted correctly Shows appropriate engineering interpretation of mathematical and scientific terms
Theory Does not appear to grasp the connection between theory and the problem Some gaps in understanding the application of theory to the problem Translates academic theory into engineering applications
Calculation Calculations not performed or performed incorrectly by hand or does not know how to use math software Minor errors in calculations by hand and applying math software Executes calculations correctly by hand and using mathematical software


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