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How long will it take to earn the Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering?

Four Years!

Because you are directly admitted to your chosen major in the College of Engineering, you will easily be able to graduate in four years provided that you stay on track. That’s part of the Marquette promise to you. Courses are scheduled so that you will be able to take them in the semester in which you would be expected to take them. (Granted, you might have to take some courses at 8 o’clock in the morning – but the courses will be there for you!)

Five Years!

If you choose to participate in the Co-op program, it will take you five years to complete the program. Students in the Co-op program take three years to complete the course work of the Junior and Senior years in the four year plan because co-op students alternate semesters of school with semesters of employment for at least three alternating work terms once they have completed their sophomore year. But while an extra year is added to your studies if you “go co-op”, you’ll gain significant insight into the everyday working world of engineers – valuable on-the-job skills associated with your degree - and you’ll earn money to help out with your college finances. You’ll also make valuable contacts for future job prospects.

Five Years--with a DOUBLE DEGREE!

We’ve got three really cool programs in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – you give us FIVE good years, we give you TWO great degrees! Highly motivated, qualified students can elect to participate in any one of the following programs:
(1) The Five-Year, 2 Undergraduate Degree program – earn both a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Computer Engineering – with several choices of minors, including a Business Minor.
(2) The Five-Year BS/MSEE program – earn a BS in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering together with a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Electrical Engineering. This is done by adding in some graduate courses in the senior year as the technical electives in the Bachelor’s program.
(3) The Five-Year BS in Physics/MSEE program – If you’re interested in the basic sciences, you can also partner a bachelor’s degree in Physics with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. You’ll take a few selected undergraduate and graduate Electrical Engineering courses while you master the principles of Physics, thereby preparing for fifth-year graduate work in Electrical Engineering – for the best of two really good worlds.

Your best source of information about any of the 5-year, 2-degree programs will be your faculty advisor who can provide you with the details of each program, including course plans once you get here.


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