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Patrick McNamara, Ph.D.

Dr. Patrick McNamara obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Marquette University in 2006. He went on to complete his master's degree at the University of Texas at Austin in 2008, and completed his Ph.D. in 2012 at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He joined Marquette after graduating from the University of Minnesota by continuing his postdoctoral research in "quantifying energy and syngas from pyrolysis of biosolids" with Drs. Jon Koch and Dan Zitomer.

Dr. McNamara's primary interest and research focuses on the role that micropollutants, also known as the chemicals that come from household items like sanitizers or antimicrobial soaps, play in disrupting wastewater treatment processes and even natural processes. These chemicals can also impact public health issues like antibiotic resistance. In addition to understanding their impacts he is also interested in mitigating their effects. Specific research projects that Dr. McNamara is pursuing pertain to the impact of pyrolysis of wastewater biosolids on the fate of micropollutants and the adaptation of anaerobic wastewater communities to antimicrobials: functional inhibition versus antibiotic resistance.

Dr. McNamara originally grew up in the twin cities area and enjoyed living in a bustling city of the Midwest. He recently married his college sweatheart, whom he met while they both attended Marquette for their undergraduate degrees, at Gesu Church. In their free time both Dr. McNamara and his wife enjoy spending time outdoors, especially running, and this past summer completed their first marathon together.

For more information on Dr. McNamara's research, visit his webpage.

February 2014


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