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The sequence of professional courses in teacher education offered by Marquette University is designed to integrate the theoretical and practical dimensions of teaching provide opportunities for students to experience the implementation of both dimensions in Milwaukee-area public, private and parochial schools.

Further, the importance of subject matter knowledge, culturally and developmentally relevant pedagogy, and technological applications in enhancing student learning is emphasized throughout coursework and field experiences. Observation, tutoring and small group instruction in a wide variety of settings are integral to the program, providing a solid foundation for successful student teaching experiences and entry to the profession.

Program Assessment Highlights: Initial Teacher Licensure PDF

Program Outcomes:

1. Apply deep content knowledge to organize subject matter from multiple perspectives, respond to diverse abilities and backgrounds, and engage students in pedagogially powerful lessons.

2. Analyze stages of development, ranges of diversity and interrelationships of individual and cultural differences to design instruction to meet the needs of all students.

3. Use knowledge of multiple teaching and assessment strategies to plan, implement, and modify instruction, ensuring the learning and development of all students.

4. Demonstrate effective communication skills to nurture supportive environment and productive relationships with families and the larger community.

5. Reflect upon practice to identify areas for professional growth, evaluate effects of professional decisions and actions on others, and to examine schooling and society.

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