Shane Lopez Lecture: Hope for Tomorrow Pays Off for Today

Released: 12/11/13

If you missed his presentation at Marquette University this past November, we'd like to invite you to view this video of the presentation by Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., author of Making Hope Happen and the world's leading researcher on hope.

Dr. Lopez is also one of the most vocal advocates of the psychological reform of America's education system. He helps schools function less like impersonal factories and more like dynamic human development centers that enable students to achieve the meaningful futures they say they really want, including a good job and a happy family. His mission is to teach people that investing in their future pays off today.

Currently a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Lopez worked as a professor of education for a decade before taking his current position as professor of business at the University of Kansas. Lopez is also a Gallup Senior Scientist and Research Director of the Clifton Strengths Institute.


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