Dr. Eugene Garcia: Language, Bilingualism, Cognition and Learning in Early Childhood

Released: 11/7/11

If you missed his presentation at Marquette University this past October, we'd like to invite you to view this video of his presentation, which furthers the discussion of how teachers can best reach bilingual students in their classrooms.

From his work as a professor and dean at Arizona State University to his role as Senior Officer in the U.S. Department of Education, Dr. Eugene García is one of the foremost educated researchers in the areas of effective schooling for linguistically and culturally diverse student populations. Dr. Eugene has made significant contributions in the fields of Human Development and Education, Psycholinguistics, and Bilingualism. Dr. Eugene García is presently Vice President for Education Partnerships at Arizona State University (ASU).

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MP3 file also available:
Dr. Eugene Garcia Talk - October 2011


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