Robert Lowe, Ph.D.

Department of Educational Policy and Leadership

Office: 113E Schroeder Complex
Phone: (414) 288-1427

Robert Lowe, Ph.D.


Degrees Held

Research Interests

Recent Publications

(With Harvey Kantor) “Educationalizing the Welfare State and Privatizing Education: The Evolution of Social Policy Since the New Deal,” in Prudence Carter and Kevin Welner, eds., Closing the Opportunity Gap (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013), 25-39.

(With Harvey Kantor) “The Price of Human Capital: Educational Reform and the Illusion of Equal Opportunity,” in Michael Katz and Mike Rose, eds., Public Education Under Siege (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press 2013), 75-83. Originally published in Dissent (Summer 2011): 15-20.

“Diane Ravitch Revised?” Urban Review 43 (September 2011): 311-320.

"Backpedaling toward Plessy," Rethinking Schools, 22 (Fall 2007): 14-17.

(With Harvey Kantor) "Terms of Inclusion: Unity and Diversity in Public Education," Educational Theory, 57 (August 2007): 369-388.

(With Harvey Kantor) "From New Deal to No Deal: No Child Left Behind and the Devolution of Responsibility for Equal Opportunity," Harvard Educational Review, 76 (Winter 2006): 474-502.

"A Hero for All Time?" a review of Kate Rousmaniere, Citizen Teacher: The Life and Leadership of Margaret Haley, Rethinking Schools, 21 (Winter 2006-2007): 51-55.

"Simple Justice," History of Education Quarterly 44(Spring 2004): 125-132.

"The Strange History of School Desegregation," Rethinking Schools, 18(Spring 2004): 15-16.

(With Harvey Kantor) "Reflections on History and Quality Education," Educational Researcher 33 (June/July, 2004): 6-10.


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