Kevin Tate, Ph.D.

Office: 168C Schroeder Complex
Phone: (414) 288-5889

Kevin A. Tate, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


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Recent Publications

Slaten, C.D., Zalzala, A., Elison, Z.M., Tate, K.A., & Wachter-Morris, C.A. (in press).  Person-Centered Educational Practices in an Urban Alternative High School: The Black Male Perspective. Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies.

Knox, S., Knowlton, G., Tate, K., & Hill, C. E. (2015). How singing in a seminary choir influences Episcopal seminarians’ formation. The American Organist, 26-28.

Slaten, C.D., Irby, D.J., Tate, K. A., & Rivera, R. (2015). Towards a critically conscious approach to social-emotional learning in alternative education: school staff members’ perspectives.  Journal of Social Action in Counseling & Psychology, 7, 41-62.

Tate, K. A., Caperton, W., Kaiser, D., Pruitt, N, White, H. Hall, E. (2015). An exploration of first generation college students’ career development beliefs and experiences. Journal of Career Development, 42, 294-310.

Tate, K. A., Fouad, N. A., Reid-Marks, L., Young, G., Guzman, E., Williams, E. G. (2015). Underrepresented first generation, low-income college students’ pursuit of a graduate education: Investigating the influence of self-efficacy, coping efficacy, and family influence. Journal of Career Assessment, 23, 427-441.

Tate, K. A., Bloom, M., Tassara, M., Caperton, W. (2014). Counselor competence, performance assessment, and program evaluation: Using psychometric instruments. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 47, 291–306.

Tate, K. A., Fallon, K. M., Casquerelli, E., Reid Marks, L. (2014). Opportunities for action: Traditionally marginalized populations and the economic crisis. The Professional Counselor, 4, 285–302.

Tate, K. A., Lopez, C., Fox, R., Love, J., McKinney, E. (2014). In-home counseling for young children living in poverty: An exploration of counseling competencies. The Family Journal, 22, 371-381.

Goodman, R. D., Calderon, A. M., Tate, K. A., (2014). Liberation-focused community outreach: A qualitative exploration of peer group supervision during disaster response. Journal of Community Psychology, 42, 228-236.

Tate, K. A., Torres Rivera, E., Brown, E. M. (2013). Foundations for liberation: Social justice, liberation psychology, and counseling. Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 4, 373-382.

Tate, K. A., Torres Rivera, E., Conwill, W. L., Miller, M. D., Puig, A. (2013) Conceptualizing group dynamics from our clients’ perspective: Development of the Conceptualization of Group Dynamics Inventory. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 38, 146-168.

Tate, K. A., Williams, C., Harden, D. (2013). Finding purpose in pain: Using Logotherapy as a method for addressing survivor guilt in first generation college students. Journal of College Counseling, 16, 79-92.

Brubaker, M. D., Garrett, M. T., Torres Rivera, E., Tate, K. A. (2010) Justice making in groups for homeless adults: The Emancipatory Communitarian way. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 35, 124-133.

Book Chapters

Tate, K. A., Torres Rivera, E., Edwards, L. M. (2015). Colonialism and multicultural counseling competence research: A liberatory analysis. In R. D. Goodman & P. Gorski (Eds.) Decolonizing “multicultural” counseling and psychology: Visions for social justice theory and practice. New York: Springer

Tate, K. A. (2014). Communication and interpretation: It’s more complicated than you think! In K. Fineran, B. Houltberg, A. Nitza, J. McCoy, & S. Roberts (Eds.), Group work experts share their favorite activities: A guide to choosing, planning, conducting, and processing volume 2. Alexandria, VA: Association for Specialists in Group Work.

Brubaker, M. D., Garrett, M. T., Torres Rivera, E., Tate, K. A. (2010) Justice making in groups for homeless adults: The Emancipatory Communitarian way. In A. Singh & C. Salazar (Eds.) Social Justice in Group Work: Practical Interventions for Change. New York, NY: Routledge.

Professional Magazines

Janners, E., Tate, K. A., Lemke, H., Ullrich, T. (2014), Sort through a difficult choice – Help your student find  a college that’s right for them with a card sort. School Counselor, 52, 41-42.

Tate, K.A., Rush, L. C. (2012). Social justice and career development. Career Developments, 26, 5-9.


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