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The Behavior Clinic was founded in 2003 by Marquette University’s College of Education in partnership with Penfield Children’s Center, a large, community-based agency serving inner-city families with young children who have developmental disabilities. The Behavior Clinic offers free mental health services for children who are experiencing significant behavior and emotional problems. Graduate students receive specialized training and gain supervised clinical experiences working directly with the children and their families. The clinic also has an ongoing applied research program that regularly contributes new findings to the relatively new field of pediatric mental health.

Culture and Well-Being Lab

Overview and Mission Statement:

The mission of the Culture & Well-Being Research Lab is to conduct ongoing research about multicultural issues in psychology, with a particular focus on understanding individual, family, and community strengths that help individuals of diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds experience well-being. To this end, the lab provides a setting in which students, faculty, and other colleagues can engage in project development, implementation, and dissemination of findings about various topics.

Current projects (qualitative and quantitative) focus on:

All correspondence concerning research and training should be directed to: Lisa M. Edwards, Ph.D.


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