Dear students,

As you prepare to come back to campus, I hope you’re as eager as I am to start a new semester that promises to be busy and exciting.

During the semester break I was reflecting on some of the survey data we regularly collect from students. One statistic that caught my attention is that 70 percent of students report staying with the same group of friends when they are out and about on the weekend. This means that you tend to look out for one another to keep each other safe.

As your safety on campus is always our highest priority, I encourage you to participate in bystander intervention training, which will be offered throughout the semester. The training can further empower you to recognize, intervene, prevent and/or stop inappropriate comments, actions and behaviors. We are all responsible for creating and supporting a safe environment on campus, and I hope you participate in this training and continue to use all the resources provided by the Student Safety Program, including LIMOs to travel around campus at night.

Other programs I’d like to call your attention to for the upcoming semester include:

Don’t forget about the ongoing resources of Student Educational Services for tutoring and academic pursuits, Campus Ministry to nurture your spiritual development, the Counseling Center to support your mental health, and Student Health Service and Recreational Sports to enhance your physical wellness.

The Marquette community, including all the staff in Student Affairs, is here to support you and to help you make the most of your college experience. If you have any questions about the services or opportunities available, please visit the Division of Student Affairs website. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always call our central office at 414-288-7206 for assistance.

Dr. L. Christopher Miller
Vice President for Student Affairs


Student Leadership Awards

Student leadership awards

The Division of Student Affairs presents leadership awards annually to recognize student contributions to the mission and activities of the various student affairs areas. Students are nominated by staff from the division and throughout the university and are selected by a committee representing each of the student affairs departments and Campus Ministry. Awards are presented at a program held each year in April. Read more about the student leadership awards.