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What is Endodontics?

Endodontics, a recognized specialty of the American Dental Association, focuses on the treatment of inflammation and or infection of the dental pulp. The dental pulp is the blood and nerve supply inside a tooth. Root Canal treatment is a procedure that removes the irritated dental pulp.

Overview of patient care and services

Root canal treatment is provided by dental students and residents (dentists that are specializing in the field of Endodontics). They are supervised by faculty members of Marquette University School of Dentistry. These Professors have completed at least two years of advance training in Endodontics beyond their four years of dental school.


The Endodontic Clinic is located on the second floor in the Marquette University School of Dentistry.

Hours of operation

The Clinic is open from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Endodontic Clinic accepts patients referred from outside dentists and patients of record in the dental school.

Making an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment or have any further questions, you can contact the Endodontic Clinic directly at (414) 288-7047.