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Reference USA is a research and reference tool licensed to libraries, educational institutions and government agencies.  Its business database contains 14 million companies and organizations.

Reference USA is password protected.  If you are on the MU campus you do not need a password. Otherwise, please call the Career Services Center, 414-288-7423 or email career.services@marquette.edu for the login information.

Reference USA Can Be Used to:

  1. Compile a list of companies in a specific industry with information about them and their competitors
  2. Locate and compile a list of out-of-town companies
  3. Conduct job searches
  4. Search for business opportunities and suppliers
  5. Track down addresses and phone numbers
  6. Conduct market and patent research

How to Use Reference USA as a Job Hunting tool:

Because it is a database, students, as an example, may want to find all the pharmaceutical companies in Denver and can generate a list of  the pharmaceutical companies in that area. They could then proceed to peruse the quick information: facts and statistics, see local competitors, view the company’s corporate family and click on the company’s website.


There are two tabs:  Quick Search and Custom Search

  1. On Quick Search tab, put in a pharmaceutical company that you know,  i.e. Abbott Labs, North Chicago IL
  2. On Custom Search tab, add in any of the information you would like to search by

Downloading the Reference USA Results in Excel

  1. After receiving the chosen results, you can either choose specific companies to download or you can choose to download “All” above the company boxes (50 downloads/prints per search). 
  2. Click “Download” in the top right hand corner
  3. On the next page Step One: choose “Excel” and Step Two: “Custom”
  4. Add any other information you would like to download (company website, company description, etc.) and then click “Download” in the bottom left hand corner
  5. You can either Open or Save the document and your results are now in Excel format

Accessing Reference USA

  1. Current Students, Faculty, and Staff Access Reference USA from an on-campus location.
  2. If you are connected from off-campus, you must have your browser set up to use the library proxy server. Learn how to connect to the proxy server.
  3. Alumni and Off-Campus Students, Faculty, and Staff please contact the Career Services Center for the password 414-288-7423 or career.services@marquette.edu. If you already have the username and password, click here