Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution

Who is it for?

The Certificate in Dispute Resolution is a post-baccalaureate program designed to train professionals seeking to practice as third party neutrals in the field of dispute resolution, or to be knowledgeable participants in the dispute resolution process.


To earn the certificate in dispute resolution, you must complete 15 credit hours (5 courses) of course work. With appropriate approvals, these credits may be applied to other graduate programs.

Class # Class Title Credit Hours
DIRS 6600 Mediation* 3 credit hours
DIRS 6605 Advanced Mediation 3 credit hours
DIRS 6610 Theory of Conflict 3 credit hours
DIRS 6615 Advanced Issues in Dispute Resolution 3 credit hours
DIRS 6964 Practicum in Dispute Resolution 3 credit hours
  * Prereq for all DIRS courses  


DIRS 6600 - Mediation- 3 credit hours

Mediation as facilitated negotiation, three-party processes vs. two-party processes, interest-based bargaining vs. positional or adversarial bargaining. Concepts will be explored through the use of class role plays, which are videotaped and critiqued as a part of mediation training.

DIRS 6605 - Advanced Mediation- 3 credit hours

An exploration of more advanced issues in the practice of mediation, including brokering, emotions in mediation, agenda, joint session, caucuses, agreements and multi-party/multi issue cases. Prereq: DIRS 6600.

DIRS 6610 - Theory of Conflict - 3 credit hours

The development of conflict between and among individuals, organizations, and governmental units; various models for conflict and types of conflict resolution will also be surveyed. Prereq: DIRS 6600.

DIRS 6615 - Advanced Issues in Dispute Resolution - 3 credit hours

Explores current theoretical and applied issues in mediation. These issues may include: communication theories and models, legislative enactments, dispute resolution systems design, and court-connected dispute resolution systems. Case studies provide an opportunity to examine the theory through an applied approach. Prereq: DIRS 6600.

DIRS 6964- Practicum in Dispute Resolution - 3 credit hours

Required of all students; for example, an internship may be established with a community mediation center, a court system, a hospital peer review committee, or a public school teachers' collective bargaining unit. Placements will be arranged on an individual basis. S/U grade assessment. Prereq: DIRS 6600 and DIRS 6605.


Gail Buenger

J.D., Law '02
Dispute Resolution Certificate '03
Aurora Health Care Metro Region
Vice President of Operations

“The Graduate Dispute Resolution Program was the best part of my Marquette Law School experience. It allowed me to almost immediately apply dispute resolution techniques into my daily work life. I believe my Dispute Resolution Certificate set me apart from other law school graduates.”


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