The Future Milwaukee Experience

The class typically meets two times each month on Monday evenings from
6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at various Milwaukee County locations over a nine-month period. In the past we have met at Wheaton Franciscan, the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, the Milwaukee Center for Independence, the Journal Sentinel, the Urban Ecology Center, Penfield Children’s Center, and more.

The Future Milwaukee program is a unique opportunity for participants to enhance their community leadership skills and become more involved in the community. There are four main areas of learning and discussion:

  • Community leadership skill development: working in a leaderless team environment on a project within the class year provides experience in taking ownership and succeeding in a team dynamic.
  • Understanding community issues: each month at least one session is devoted to a topic of importance to our community such as Access to Healthy Food, Housing for Individuals with Mental Illness and Disabilities, Early Childhood Education, Race and our Prison System, Intergenerational Challenges of Leadership, Water - Balancing the Economics and Environment, and more.  Between 7 - 10 guests representing leaders from multiple roles, sectors, and experiences are invited to engage with the students on the topic for that evening.
  • Practical experience working with community issues: participants work in teams, implementing a real-life project that involves public, private, and non-profit organizations.
  • Interact with diverse points of view: the mix of class participants and the program’s emphasis on topics contribute to a better understanding of diverse viewpoints and the practice of personal leadership behaviors.

The projects developed as part of the Future Milwaukee program have themselves had lasting impact.  Please check out this link for a list of projects from the past and those being developed by the current class.

Future Milwaukee has helped to place its graduates on boards as diverse as Ebenezer Day Care Centers, Renaissance Theater Works, and the Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Additional Program Offerings:

  • At least two face-to-face leadership coaching sessions with the instructor
  • At least two face-to-face team coaching sessions with the instructor
  • Materials, articles and tools accessible to students online
  • Information regarding further opportunities and events within the community including board openings providing many alums a means to serve.



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