About Future Milwaukee

Future Milwaukee is a community leadership program with more than 1,500 graduates. For over 35 years, participants have been making an impact on the Greater Milwaukee area through their leadership positions in government, business, education, religious and non-profit institutions.

As a measure of the organization’s success and status, beginning in 2005, Future Milwaukee became affiliated with Marquette University’s College of Professional Studies. Our mission is to develop, motivate and empower diverse, ethical leaders who create positive change in greater Milwaukee through effective civic engagement.

Future Milwaukee’s graduates represent every facet of community diversity:

  • Ethnic diversity: 38 percent people of color (including African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and those from the Asian-Pacific and Indian subcontinent)
  • Gender diversity: 60 percent women; 40 percent men
  • People with disabilities
  • Age diversity from early 20s to mid-60s
  • Employment diversity: 50 percent from private sector; 40 percent from non-profit sector; 10 percent from government sector
  • Geographic diversity from the four-county greater Milwaukee area.

If you are looking to broaden and deepen your personal and professional growth, and your understanding of our community, Future Milwaukee is where you need to be.  And Employers? Whether you are from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, you will find that this program enhances your employee’s leadership skills and at the same time builds a stronger commitment to and significantly increased connections with the greater Milwaukee area. 

Bio - Christine Hill, Executive Director

Heather Wurth

Class of 2011,
Police Lieutenant, Milwaukee Police Department

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