I teach at Marquette because I know how much a Jesuit education, and in particular a university education, can enable an individual to attain their personal and professional goals. It has meant a huge difference in my own life, and I want to help others achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Often, students in the College of Professional Studies are returning to college as an adult to achieve a goal that has thus far eluded them. I want to help them achieve that goal.


Jay Jacobson, M.B.A.

Jay’s broad business background includes holding several senior management positions within Finance, Sales, Human Resources, and Training. Currently, he is President of Celemi Inc., a training and consulting firm specializing in experiential learning simulations, with offices in the USA, Sweden, and China.  Prior to joining Celemi, Jay served as Senior Vice President of Holden International, a sales and marketing effectiveness consulting firm.  Jay has worked globally for fortune 500 companies within the high tech and telecommunications industry.  Jay holds a BS in Accounting, a BA in History, and an MBA from Loyola University Graduate School of Business.   In addition to extensive corporate experience, he currently serves as adjunct faculty member at Marquette University within their College of Professional Studies.  He has published articles appearing in Training Magazine online edition, and McGraw Hill HR publications.  


Courses Taught

  • LEOR 1260 Personal and Family Financial Planning
  • LEOR 2280 Marketing Concepts and e-commerce
  • LEOR 2210 Accounting Principles and Applications
  • LEOR 2240 Principles of Financial Management
  • LEOR 3210 Global Commerce


  • Loyola University, M.B.A. Finance
  • Lakeland College, B.S. Accounting
  • Western Illinois University, B.A. History

Professional Experience

  • Adjunct Instructor, Marquette University College of Professional Studies
  • President, Celimi Corporation-North America
  • Senior Vice President-Consulting, Holden International
  • Director-Finance, Ameritech
  • Instructor, Lakeland College
  • Instructor Roosevelt University

Presentations and Publications

  • Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders, Training Magazine, May, 2008.
  • The Role of Competencies in Sales Force Success, 1998.


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