Major in Psychology

As the United States shifts from a manufacturing economy to one of service and information, an increasing number of occupations will rely on successful human interaction. Psychology provides students with an in-depth understanding of human behavior and challenges students to apply this knowledge in their everyday life. This helps motivate, manage, predict, modify and focus their own behavior and that of others.

Learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  2. Apply basic research methods in psychology.
  3. Apply psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues.

Who is it for?

The degree is well-suited for anybody who supervises or leads others or whose work involves a significant amount of interaction with people: banking and finance, education, health care, hospitality, law, sales, and social services.

The degree combines a liberal arts core with a comprehensive study of human behaviors, feelings and thoughts associated with failures and successes in human life. Students become better-prepared to anticipate and manage people in various situations and produce predictable outcomes. Many psychology majors pursue graduate-level study for careers in counseling, and others work in human resources, consulting and marketing.

Potential careers

Account executive; admissions counselor; athletic trainer; case worker; corrections officer; customer service representative; director of social services; human resources manager; mental health care provider; personal banker; program manager; research and development executive; resident counselor; sales representative; social worker; teacher.

Courses, minor in Psychology

The major requires 35 credit hours. The minor requires 18 credit hours. More...

Student profiles

Shirley Sciacca

Student - Psychology
Supervisory Administrative Specialist, Federal Bureau of Investigation

"I learned that even if I have a great deal of experience over many years, without a degree I might not have the qualifications to get the job."


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