Graduation Requirements

The following information is reviewed to determine a student's eligibility for graduation from the College of Professional Studies. All CPS graduation requirements and specific major requirements are listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Contact your adviser to review your eligibility when you reach senior standing, which is 92 credits.

  1. Declaration of major. Declaration of major must be on file in the college office. Students must declare a major before junior year or the completion of 60 credits. Failure to do so jeopardizes timely degree completion. Forms are located in the college office and on the advising D2L Web site.

  2. Application for graduation. Applications are located in the college office. The application should be submitted a minimum of one semester, or two sessions, before expected graduation dates. Diplomas are issued at the completion of every session. Ceremonies occur in May and December.

  3. Transcripts. Degree status requires all original transcripts, including high school and other post-secondary institutions, on file.

  4. Total completed credits. You must complete a minimum of 126 credits, including University Core of Common Studies requirements, college curriculum, a major as defined through the college and an optional minor of at least 18 credit hours. (Depending on the major or minor selected, credit hours required for graduation may be greater than 126.)

  5. Cumulative GPA. A cumulative Marquette grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher is required.

  6. Last 30 credits. The last 30 credits must be completed at Marquette.

  7. Upper-division credits. A minimum of 36 upper-division (3000- or 4000-level) credits must be completed to earn your bachelor's degree. Thirty-two (32) upper-division credits must be completed at Marquette.

  8. Major/minor credits. A minimum of 15 credits in your major must be completed at Marquette, and, if applicable, a minimum of nine credits in your minor must be completed at Marquette.

  9. Grades. You must earn grades of C or higher in each major course and, if applicable, grades of C or higher in each minor course.

  10. Credits from other institutions. If you attend any other institution while attending Marquette, courses must be pre-approved. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar and be on file before graduation to be considered in a total credit count. Credits from other academic institutions may be used to complete degree requirements and count toward overall credit total, but these are not included in GPA.

  11. Candidate's responsibility. It is the graduation candidate's responsibility to meet all university academic, financial, and administrative requirements and procedures as outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

  12. Applicable graduation requirements. College of Professional Studies students not enrolled in Marquette courses for one academic year (either two consecutive terms, four consecutive sessions or any combination of terms and sessions that total one academic year) or longer must meet the graduation requirements that apply at the time of readmission.

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