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Fall 2012

Dr. Maureen McAvoy Selected for Full-Time Undergraduate Faculty Position

Message from Dean Bob Deahl

Dean Bob DeahlI am pleased to announce that Dr. Maureen McAvoy is the new College of Professional Studies full-time faculty member for the undergraduate programs. Maureen leaves an administrative position with the Sheboygan Area School District, where she was a grant writer, coach, and administrator of student services to increase student academic success. Since 2004 and while an administrator in the Sheboygan School District she was a part-time faculty member in the College of Professional Studies. As a part-time faculty member in the college she primarily taught at the undergraduate level with some graduate level responsibilities. She currently chairs the Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm faculty, is a member of the undergraduate curriculum committee and has assisted with creating faculty development sessions. Her primary research interest is the enhancement of adult learning through the direct instruction of reflective thinking strategies. Beyond the skills and abilities listed, Maureen is a nationally certified level 2 coach.

With the combination of her varied professional background and experience, having an earned Ed.D., and most importantly her teaching background, Dr. McAvoy is an excellent fit for the position. The position focuses on teaching excellence and the support non-traditional students need to achieve success in the classroom, in their communities and in their places of work. Dr. McAvoy fully embraces and understands the need for teaching excellence and student services to assist the student population the College of Professional Studies serves.

Through the extensive search process, Dr. McAvoy was selected from over 25 applicants, of whom six were granted interviews. At this point in the college's history, Dr. McAvoy provides a unique set of skills and knowledge to assist the college to academically support its students, continue to strengthen the academic rigor of our program and help students become successful College of Professional Studies graduates who are civically engaged and socially responsible, ethical leaders in our community.

I want to thank Associate Dean Sandi Cleveland and the search team that included faculty from the College of Professional Studies, the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences and the J. William and Mary Diedrich College of Communication for all of their good work.

Welcome Maureen!

Maureen McAvoy







Ron Smith Elected to MU Alumni Association National Board of Directors

Ron SmithRon Smith, bachelor's in professional communication '05 and master's in leadership
studies '09, has been elected to a two-year term on the Marquette University Alumni Association National Board of Directors as the College of Professional Studies director. Ron is Assistant Managing Editor/News Operations for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The directors of the National Board serve as advisors, advocates, ambassadors, visionaries, and as the alumni conscience. The board's strategic initiatives include: Increase depth and breadth of alumni engagement; utilize the alumni network to enhance Marquette's reputation of excellence nationally; broaden alumni donor base; and grow giving at all levels to ensure access and excellence.

Ron succeeds Jim Milner, bachelor's in leadership and organizations and professional communication '03, President/CEO, Sector Management Consulting Group/Urban Strategies.


Dispute Resolution Health Care Conference

Health Care Reform and Health Care Stakeholder Disputes: Can We Identify Common Ground?
Friday, October 12, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Marquette University - Alumni Memorial Union
For more information, click here.


College Program Updates

New - Leadership Across the Curriculum Throughout Undergraduate Programs

The college has created an online learning system called "Leadership Across the Curriculum" that will be integrated into all undergraduate classes. This interdisciplinary system includes three online modules that build upon each other - starting with Awareness, moving into Application/Practice and concluding with Synthesis. Within each module are common leadership themes: ethical considerations, leadership characteristics and skills, self-awareness, thinking strategies, communication, and diversity.

"As 'Leadership Across the Curriculum' was developed, the faculty wanted to ensure students were given the opportunity to gain an understanding of various aspects necessary to be successful leaders in our world, as well as the opportunity to practice the new ideas they are exposed to in their courses," said Sandi Cleveland, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs.

Students can learn more about Leadership Across the Curriculum by viewing a series of video clips on the Desire to Learn (D2L) site that corresponds with each course in the college's curriculum.

New - Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Sector Administration

Based on job growth in the nonprofit sector and feedback from alumni, the community, current students, and requests from prospective students, the college is offering a 15-credit graduate certificate in nonprofit sector administration as a credential to help students advance or change their careers. The curriculum has been developed with input from nonprofit community leaders, faculty and alumni in the nonprofit sector. Upon completion of the graduate certificate, these 15 credits may be applied to either the master's degree in public service or leadership studies.

Changes to the Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement Leadership and Management

"The name of the graduate certificate in law enforcement leadership and management has been changed to graduate certificate in criminal justice administration in order to broaden its scope and most accurately reflect the diverse student population enrolled in the program, including not only law enforcement officers, but probation and parole officers, court workers and prison workers to name a few," said Dr. Jay Caulfield, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs.

Additionally, three credits of elective work in criminal justice have been added to the graduate certificate to provide an opportunity for students to participate in a practicum experience. This hands-on experience could especially aid those new to the criminal justice system, giving them the opportunity to establish networks with criminal justice professionals as they seek future employment opportunities.


Student Spotlight

Lorelei Stein, Bachelor's in Leadership and Organizations
Corporate Travel Agent, Travel and Transport

Lorelei Stein“I dropped out of college when I was 18 years old because I had no clue why I was there," says Lorelei. Over the years she began to realize that a degree would help her move from a job to a career, but being a single parent with three children put her education goal on hold. She told her children that someday she would go back to school and finish what she started. Lorelei's youngest son pointed out that her children are now adults and it's a good time for her to go back to school to pursue her dream of earning a degree.

As Lorelei began to search for a program for adults returning to school, she learned that the College of Professional Studies combined Marquette University's great reputation with a program designed for adult learners. "There was no question in my mind that this is where I wanted and needed to be," she remarks. She is able to balance her time by applying the multi-tasking and prioritizing skills she mastered as a single parent to her student life. "I also have an absolutely amazing support unit," she says. "In addition to my kids, I have seven wonderful siblings who are behind me every step of the way."

Lorelei is paying for college through a combination of financial resources including financial aid, student loans, grants, and scholarships. She was awarded the 2012 Spirit of Ignatius Scholarship by the college based on her academics and demonstrated leadership reflecting Marquette's mission. While driving with her daughter Claire to the college's honors convocation, Lorelei had no idea what she was going to say during her scholarship acceptance speech. Her daughter said, "Mom, you've spent so many years being someone's sister, daughter, wife, and mother, but now you've become your own person. That's what you should say during your speech." Lorelei realized that her daughter was right. "Through my courses, teachers and friendships that I've made at the college I have found my voice, which has been the best experience. My education has boosted my self-confidence level to a place that I never ever knew existed!"

Tim Hoye, Master's in Public Service
Layton Boulevard West Neighbors

Tim HoyeIn 1975, Tim arrived in Milwaukee from war-stricken Vietnam as part of "Operation Babylift," an initiative that brought orphaned children to new families. He became the first of four children adopted by his parents. "I have strived to carry on their spirit of giving through community service as an Eagle Scout, engaging in urban immersion projects at St. Norbert College, conducting community development workshops as a Peace Corps volunteer, and building homes for Habitat for Humanity," he says.

After returning to Milwaukee in 2000 from his Peace Corps assignment in Bolivia, Tim worked in the corporate financial sector as a project manager with local firms such as American Appraisal, Baker Tilly International and Harley-Davidson. With a passion and dedication to improve urban housing that stems from his volunteer experience, he wanted to continue to advocate for those in need by transitioning his career to the nonprofit housing sector.

During a college fair at his workplace, Tim learned about the master's degree in public service with a nonprofit sector specialization at Marquette, and he decided it was time to go back to school and gain the knowledge and skills needed for a career transition. This decision helped open the door to a professional position with the nonprofit organization Layton Boulevard West Neighbors. "I am working with the Turnkey Renovation Program, which addresses the most recent problem of foreclosed homes and provides affordable housing to moderate-income families," he says.

Tim is financing his education primarily through loans, work and scholarships. "This past school year I was pleased to receive a scholarship from Southeast Wisconsin Educational Consortium (SEWEC). I believe SEWEC's efforts to provide more access to higher education is essential for community development and personal growth," remarks Tim.

"My graduate education has introduced me to a wide array of opportunities from the aspects of both research and personal connections. I believe a master's degree is an important step in identifying the career path that suits me the best. A degree from Marquette will allow me to be successful in many areas of my life."

Marie Judd, Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution
Director of Operations Improvement and Patient Experience, Columbia St. Mary's

Marie JuddIn addition to her MBA, Marie wanted to enhance her education with a layer of knowledge and skills in the area of dispute resolution because she has a passion for dissecting issues and resolving conflicts that arise in her professional and personal life. "I selected the graduate program in dispute resolution based on the reputation of Marquette University as well as the program and the professors," says Marie.

The dispute resolution skills are applicable to Marie's current professional role as she collaborates with leadership and teams across the system to ensure that patients have an exceptional experience along with the highest quality of care. "My coursework completely enhanced my job through the readings we were assigned and the topics we would cover," says Marie. "I was able to tailor my school research to something that was applicable and beneficial to Columbia St. Mary's as well."

Attending class on Friday nights and a few Saturday mornings worked well for Marie. "I would leave work, go to school from 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. and still have time to catch a late dinner and home movie with my kids and my husband after class," she says. The class schedule allowed Marie to balance her time and continue to attend her children's sports events, lead her daughter's Daisy troop, teach Junior Achievement in the Mequon-Thiensville School District, serve as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors at Portal, Inc. in Grafton, and actively participate in the American College of Healthcare Executives - Wisconsin Chapter.

"I am certain that my graduate certificate in dispute resolution is enhancing my ability to help individuals reach better outcomes for patients, collaborate with others better, and help resolve conflict with a focus on teamwork, creativity and continuous improvement," says Marie.


Meet the Future Milwaukee Class of 2012-13

The Future Milwaukee community leadership program's class of 2012-13 began the first week of September. Welcome to all participants! For a list of participants, click here.


First Graduates of the Sports Leadership Program

Congratulations to the first graduates of the master's program in sports leadership. Enrollment in the 15-credit graduate certificate in sports leadership and the 36-credit graduate degree in leadership studies with a sports leadership specialization continues to grow as students look for the best programs to develop their leadership skills and help launch or advance their sports career.

For more information about the graduate program in sports leadership, click here.


Spring 2012 Graduation

Congratulations to 54 students who completed their undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and graduate certificates. These students were recognized by Marquette University and the College of Professional Studies during commencement ceremonies on May 20th. For more information and a photo slideshow, click here.


Spring 2012 Student Honors Convocation

The college recognized academic honors and accomplishments of students at Honors Convocation on April 24th.
For more information and a photo slideshow, click here.


2011-12 Faculty Excellence Service Awards

On May 22nd, Faculty Excellence in Service Awards were presented to two faculty members who made significant long-term contributions to the College of Professional Studies through their teaching, leadership and service to our students, fellow faculty, staff, and the greater community. Congratulations to Maureen McAvoy, Ed.D. (undergraduate faculty) and Ronald Benner, M.B.H.A (graduate faculty) who were nominated by students and staff. For more information and a photo slideshow, click here.



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