Our intention is to enhance the work of Milwaukee’s citizens and community organizations already involved in community transformation.  We offer processes for connecting those who do not normally meet one another to build trust, share hopes, and discover how working together can build active citizenship and abundant communities. 


To seed Milwaukee communities with conversations, narratives, networks, and reflection practices.


College: Civic Engagement | Ethical Leadership | Social Responsibility
Project: Abundance | Sustainability


Abundance Tenets
Sustainability Tenets
  • What we have is enough.
  • We have the capacity to provide what we need in the face of human condition.
  • We organize our world in a context of cooperation and satisfaction.
  • We are responsible to each other.
  • We live in the reality of the human condition.
  • We understand our bioregion in order to manage, restore and preserve the integrity of ecosystems.
  • We reassess assumptions for economic growth in order to create rich diversity of services, business and equitable job opportunities.
  • We provide diverse experiences in order to satisfy our needs to create and learn.
  • We make decisions with several generations in mind.
  • We explore our connectedness to all of life and our greater purposes for being here.


For further information, contact Robert Pavlik, Focalizer, at or 414-288-3886.


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