Major Requirements

The Cognitive Science major offers students the opportunity to study cognition through a diverse and multidisciplinary curriculum, which culminates in an integrative capstone seminar.

The major in cognitive science consists of fifteen courses (45 credit hours), which include four required courses, seven courses distributed across five content areas, and four electives.


COSC 1000**
Introduction to Computer Science
PHIL 1001
Philosophy of Human Nature
PSYC 1001
General Psychology
Cognitive Science Capstone Seminar



Individual and Social Behavior (2 courses)

Choose one of the following:
PSYC 3320
PSYC 4320
Learning and Memory
Choose one additional course from the following:
ANTH 2301
Language and Culture
PSYC 3201
Introductory Social Psychology
PSYC 3320
PSYC 4330
Human Factors Engineering
PSYC 4320
Learning and Memory
SOCI 2500
Self, Language and Social Interaction

Philosophy (2 courses)

Choose one of the following:***
PHIL 3460
Philosophy of Language
PHIL 4450
Philosophy of Mind
Choose one additional course from the following:
PHIL 1000
PHIL 3410
PHIL 3450
PHIL 3460
Philosophy of Language
PHIL 4450
Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 4470
Philosophy of Science


Neuroscience (1 course)

Choose one of the following:
BIOL 3501
BISC 3850
Systems Neuroscience
BISC 4140
Functional Neuroanatomy
PSYC 3601
PSYC 3650
Affective Neuroscience

Mathematics and Statistics (1 course)

Choose one of the following:
PSYC 2001
Psychological Measurements and Statistics
MATH 1700
Modern Elementary Statistics
MATH 4700
Theory of Probability
MATH 4720
Statistical Methods
MATH 4740
Biostatistical Methods and Models
SOCI 2060
Social Statistics

English (1 course)

Choose one of the following:
ENGL 4110
Exploring the English Language
ENGL 4170
Studies in Language
ENGL 4220
Rhetorical Theories and Practices


Choose any four additional courses from the following:

ANTH 1201, ANTH 2201, ANTH 2301, BIOL 3501, BIOL 3502, BIOL 4956*, BISC 3850, BISC 4140, BISC 4155, BISC 4170, COSC 1010, COSC 1020, COSC 2010, COSC 2100, COSC 2200, COSC 3570, COSC 4600, MATH 4700, MATH 4720, MATH 4740, PHIL 1000, PHIL 3410, PHIL 3450, PHIL 3460, PHIL 4450, PHIL 4470, PHIL 4995*, PSYC 2001, PSYC 2050, PSYC 3101, PSYC 3201, PSYC 3210, PSYC 3320, PSYC 3601, PSYC 3650, PSYC 3701, PSYC 4320, PSYC 4330, PSYC 4995*, SOCI 2500

* with approval of topic/syllabus

** COSC 1010 Introduction to Computer Programming may be taken instead of COSC 1000.

*** PHIL 4953 Seminar on Qualia and Consciousness (Fall 2017) will count toward this requirement, in place of PHIL 3460 or PHIL 4450.

Digital images of brains on a coputer screen.


Ready to declare?

(1) Fill out the Major Declaration Form.

(2) Submit the form to Dr. Bloch-Mullins (Philosophy Department, Marquette Hall);

(3) Please allow two weeks for processing.

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