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The Liturgical Choir Council is a group of devoted members from the choir that work together to enhance the experience of all the members. Retreats, service activities, social outings, and alumni events are among the activities the Liturgical Choir Council plans. If you want to get to know the members of the Liturgical Choir Council, check out their profiles below!

Rachel Ciresi: President
Class: Senior
Major: Biomedical Sciences

“Lit choir is a home away from home, but better because you get to sing together! It truly is a family, and being on council is like being a mother hen. I love being able to lead the choir and make our organization better, whether that be through advocating for the choir or just adding my voice to the many talented singers. It is definitely a group that I will never forget.”

Danny Ilagan: Vice-President
Class: Junior
Major: Operation and Supply Chain Management, Psychology

“I have been in Liturgical Choir since my first semester freshman year and I've loved every second of it. The weekly practices in the Chapel of the Holy Family were where I recognized Marquette as my second home. I serve on Liturgical Choir Council because the past members welcomed me with open arms and I wanted to do the same with the members to come.”

Virginia Cook: Treasurer
Class: Sophomore
Major: Nursing

“Lit Choir has helped me step up in a leadership role and help me feel welcome. Council means a lot to me because it has helped me learn responsibility and allowed me to meet great people.”

Amelle Aldurra: Secretary
Class: Sophomore
Major: Psychology

“Lit Choir is my family here at Marquette. It's filled with wonderful people that I can be with and sing with. Lit choir is one way in which I connect and grow in faith and to be able to do this with this loving community has been an amazing part of my journey.”

Siobhan Colleran: Service Chair
Class: Sophomore
Major: Nursing

“Being on Council for Liturgical Choir this year has been such an amazing experience. It has given me the chance to grow as a person and as a group with the other council members. Each member has done such a great job of remaining on top of their individual responsibilities, and also stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for other commitments (such as bake sale, tune up, etc.). Personally, I have loved planning opportunities for the group to become more involved in community service efforts! It's so amazing to have such incredible friends to participate with. I was so happy that our performance at St. Anne's Rest Home worked out last semester, and I cannot wait for Hunger Clean-Up this Spring! Thanks for being such an incredible group of choir members this year, and for providing me with such an amazing opportunity to serve on Council for the 2016-2017 school year!”

Brian Martindale: Retreat Chair
Class: Sophomore
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Philosophy

“Lit Choir is an incredible community, wonderful people, and an incredible place to praise God. In Lit Choir I have found a place where I am welcome and am able to grow in love and faith.”

Matthew Mussoline: Social Chair
Class: First Year
Major: Math, Philosophy, Theology

“Lit Choir is very important to me because it helps me connect to the Mass on a deeper and more intimate level. It also has helped me to meet some of my best friends and some of the greatest people on campus. Being on Council also helps me to get more involved and have more of an impact within Lit Choir. It is a way for me to give back to those people who have given me so much.”

Bridget Sampson: Historian
Class: Junior
Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology, minor in Spanish for the Health Professions

“Being in Lit Choir means being part of a family. I am so lucky to be able to share my love of music with so many of my close friends. As for being on council, I absolutely love being able to document this choir's time together. I also love working with such amazing people who are amazing leaders and friends.”

Christina Hochla: Music Librarian
Class: Sophomore
Major: Sociology

“Do you ever get involved in something and just realize that it fits? All of it fits; it's exactly what you needed exactly when you needed it. It's one of the reasons for the smile on your face, the spring in your step, and what you thank God for each day. Well, that's Lit Choir.”

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