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Co-sponsored by LGBTQ+ Resource Center

In the United States, approximately 1 in every 250 adults identifies as transgender. Despite this, individuals and families within the trans community are stigmatized for their identity. In partnership with For Good Photography, Inc. and Cream City Foundation, photographers Jeff Pearcy and Meredith Watts developed the "Our Trans Family" Project. The project captures the essence and identity of twenty to thirty families and individuals within the Trans community through interviews and photographs. Pearcy and Watts aimed to create a better understanding of the trans identity and elevate the voices of those who identify as trans in order to fight the stigma surrounding the trans identity and community.

Cosponsored by History Department

The politics of sexing war, warrior and victim have far-reaching consequences that transcends beyond gender to undermine criminal accountability. Dr. Njoku's work confronts these complexities drawing precedents from the Nigerian and South Sudanese war narratives. It addresses some of the following questions: Why are the Nigerian and South Sudanese women's wartime experiences hidden? How do such invisibility affect women's lives in conflict and postconflict societies? How have African feminists' writers responded to the situation? The attempt to tackle these questions leads to comparative analysis of mainstream narratives and feminists' counter-narratives. Dr. Njoku argues that the paradox of warrior and victim is a pretext to framing legal ambiguities that continue to disable the wheel of justice and criminal responsiblity in Nigeria and South Sudan. Her goal is to subvert these mythic ideologies and use counter-narratives to reinforce African women's rights and active participation in peace and security.


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