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What Internships Qualify for Launch?

Internships that qualify for the Launch program are opportunities that allow a student to investigate a career related to the biological sciences in depth. The experience must have clearly defined learning objectives/goals that are related to the professional goals of the biological sciences student. Internships may be full or part time.



How do I Find an Internship?


Students are encouraged to independently arrange their internships. Some options are posted on Handshake or on our Internship Opportunities page, but students are free to seek opportunities beyond those listed there.

Students should work closely with the Launch Internship Coordinator to determine if the experience qualifies for the program. Once an independent internship is finalized, students should complete the Launch Application to officially participate in the program.


If you are looking for something specific, but aren't sure where to start, set up a meeting with the Launch Internship Coordinator, Dr. Martin St. Maurice.



Student Eligibility Requirements



Launch Courses


Launch internships are designed to offer 3 credits that count toward the majors in the biological sciences. Students may use their internship experience to satisfy one lab-course requirement (unless they are using BIOL 4956 for a lab requirement).  If a student elects to take a second Launch internship, they may receive credit again, but as an elective toward their major.




For more information about the internship program, contact:


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