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Help support the Biological Sciences Department at Marquette University by giving to the Biology Student Research Endowment Fund. This endowment is dedicated toward the support of our majors participating in a 10 week summer research program. Students conduct research under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor in a variety of fields including cell, molecular, and plant biology, ecology, physiology, genetics, and microbiology. Through "hands-on" experience students develop a realistic view of scientific research, its pace, its demands, and the thrill of discovery. The program is an important component in the education of our majors with particular interests in careers in basic, applied, or clinical research. 

Your donation will help us reach our goal of a one million endowment to cover stipend and research costs of 10 participating students annually.

Click on giving and in the drop down menu of the "Designation Box" select "other" then copy and paste the following phrase Biology Student Research Endowment Fund into the box labeled "other:"

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