Advising Award 2011


program requirements

The major offers a rich curriculum focused on theory and skills of peacemaking, the achievement of justice and the protection of human rights, and national development.

The major requires 36 credit hours: six required Foundational courses (listed below) and six elective courses (18 credit hours), with two courses selected from each of the three focal areas. Please reference the Undergraduate Bulletin for full course descriptions and for additional information on the major and Justice and Peace minor. 

Required Courses:

    1. CMST 3011: Communication and Conflict
    2. ECON 4070:  Economics and Ethics
    3. INJP 2010:  Introduction to Peace Studies
    4. INJP 4997: Capstone Seminar in Peace Studies
    5. PHIL 3710:  Political Theory
    6. THEO 2500:  Theology, Violence and Nonviolence

Focal Areas:


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