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March 2014

Rounding third; Discuss these topics in the final weeks of your formal mentorship

With a seemingly endless winter, it’s hard to believe there’s less than 60 days until the formal conclusion of the pilot mentor program. In the remaining weeks, consider these five tips to end the formal mentorship on a high note.

1. If possible, meet in person or connect next week during spring break. Mentees Lexi Dahlberg and Renae DeLucia are traveling to New York and Atlanta, respectively, to job shadow their mentors (Chris Pardon, CNN, and Dr. Mike Martin, VA Hospital).
2. Review the goals you outlined when you first met. What else needs to be done?
3. If you're taking classes in the fall, ask your mentor for suggestions that may help post-graduation.
4. Address post-semester plans, such as internship, full-time employment or networking opportunities.
5. Discuss the possibilities of continuing your mentorship, perhaps quarterly or as needed.

Mentor Hernandez offers sports insights to mentee and classmates

Lou HernandezWhen Lou Hernandez, Comm '01, visited campus last week to speak to his mentee Shawni Smith’s broadcast class, the benefits were mutual. Hernandez, director of public relations for the Chicago White Sox, provided Smith, Comm '16, and her classmates topic suggestions for a future broadcast.

Hernandez, meanwhile, a regular campus speaker, was impressed by their enthusiasm. "The students blew me away with their creativity and professionalism," he said. "Without question, Marquette is challenging and preparing students quite well for a demanding business environment.”

Along with the class participation, Smith has learned a great deal from Hernandez as her mentor. "Lou has provided ample information in the few months I have known him,” she said. "From resume and cover letter reviewing to networking with different contacts, I can't wait to see what else I learn throughout the course of the semester." Smith is also scheduled to job shadow Hernandez at a White Sox home game in April.

Five Questions With...Joel Andryc, Sp '79
(Elizabeth Gehringer, Comm '15)

Joel Andryc1. What was your first job following graduation, where and what did it teach you?
Worked for Chuck Barris Productions ("The Gong Show", "Dating Game" and "Newlywed Game") as a production assistant. I quickly learned that everyone has to "pay their dues." Maintain patience and perseverance as you pursue your career goals and you will succeed!

2. What qualities do you look for and appreciate in the people you work with or hire?
Those with a real understanding of their industry, including new trends, corporate mergers, economic challenges and a grasp of their business sector. A college diploma is a great start but knowledge of the "real world" is also key.

3. Professional development book you’d recommend.
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work

Read the entire interview.

Five Questions With...Nathan Bowen, Eng '16
(Joe Miotke, Eng '95, Law '99, mentor)

Nathan Bowen1. What has been one of your key findings as a mentee?
Learning about Joe’s career has taught me hard work will lead to success no matter where I go after graduation. He has experienced continued success while moving between various positions amongst different firms.

2. What are your current plans following graduation?
Working for a large corporation as an engineer (likely in operations) for several years before enrolling in a full-time MBA program. My dream is to participate in The Harvard Business School's 2+2 program, which allows undergraduates to gain admittance during their senior year and defer enrollment for two years while they work in industry.

3. What have you learned from Joe about your career aspirations that will help plan your future?
He has stressed the importance of earning an MBA to "unlock the door" to upper-management positions in companies. He has also helped me weigh the pros and cons of an employer-funded MBA vs. paying for graduate school on my own.

Read the entire interview.

Five Questions With...appears in the monthly mentor newsletter and the online mentor toolbox.

Celebrate with other mentors, mentees at April 24
program finale

You are invited to the Mentor Pilot Program Finale on Thursday, April 24, at the Lunda Room in the Alumni Memorial Union.

7:30 a.m. - 8 a.m. Reception
8 a.m. - 9 a.m. Breakfast, program
Look for an e-invitation next week or contact for more information.

News Corner: Can Women Succeed Without A Mentor?
Forbes, March 4, 2014

Visit the MUAA Mentor Pilot Program website for more information or contact Dan DeWeerdt at or (414) 288-4740.

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