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January 2014

Share feedback in pilot program mid-point survey

Many thanks for participating in the alumni association’s mentor pilot program. We hope you’re finding the experience to be beneficial at the mid-point of the initiative.

To better serve you and track program progress, your insights are greatly appreciated. Please complete this brief online survey by Wednesday, Jan. 15. In appreciation for your participation, all survey respondents will qualify for a chance to win a Marquette prize package. To qualify, reply by Jan. 16 to indicating MENTOR PILOT in the subject line.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and we look forward to working with you through April.

Mentors, mentee panel discussion offered as part of National Mentoring Month

Pilot program mentors and mentees will share insights on Jan. 16 to celebrate National Mentoring Month. Join Marquette mentors Rondell Sheridan, Sp '80, Dr. Diane Held Munzenmaier, Arts '84, and mentees Aja Luckett, Comm '15, and John Seagrist, Arts '15, for a panel discussion about the benefits of having a mentorships, serving as a mentee and preparing for life after Marquette. Light snacks will be provided.

Mr. Sheridan is an actor, director and comedian with a wide variety of experiences in the entertainment industry, including his most famous acting role as Chef Victor Baxter from Disney’s "That’s So Raven." Dr. Munzenmaier is an assistant professor of Physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

5 p.m.        
Thursday, Jan. 16
Room 163 in the Alumni Memorial Union

Register here.

Save the Date: April 24 Mentor Pilot Closing Program

Join fellow mentors and mentees at the mentor pilot program breakfast and closing celebration on Thursday, April 24. Look for additional details in the February newsletter.

Five Questions With...Mentor Jim Casanova, Arts '70 (Shelbie Eggener, Arts '14, mentee)

Jim Casanova1. What was your first job following graduation and what did it teach you?
I was an instructor at University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School. It taught me that I really don’t have all the answers!

2. Professional development book you’d recommend.
Finding our Way by Margaret J. Wheatley.

3. What qualities do you look for and appreciate in the people you work with or hire?
Creativity and positive attitude. Oh, did I mention creativity?

Read the entire interview.

Five Questions With...Mentee Renae DeLucia,
Arts '15

(Dr. Michael Martin, Arts '93, mentor)

Renae DeLucia1.What has been one of your key findings thus far as a mentee?
I learned that even once you graduate with your Ph.D. in psychology you still have to get licensed, and each state's licensing process is a little different. It's a longer process than I originally thought to begin practicing as a psychologist, but I'm up for the challenge!

2.What are your current plans following graduation?
I'm planning to attend to graduate school and get my Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

3.What advice would you offer other mentees to maximize the relationship with their own mentor?
Make sure you plan your meetings in advance and be respectful of your mentor's time. Both of your schedules are busy so it's important to be flexible.

Read the entire interview.

Five Questions With...Mentor Manny Raynal, Arts '99
(Elena Fransen, Arts '15, mentee)

Manny Raynal1. If you had/have a mentor, what’s one piece of advice that sticks with you every day?
“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” –Warren Buffett

2. Why are you serving as a mentor?
Because it will make a difference in the universe.

3. What qualities do you look for and appreciate in the people you work with or hire?
People who never stop learning, teach others what they have learned and will learn, and get things done.

Read the entire interview.

Five Questions With...appears in the monthly mentor newsletter and the online mentor toolbox.

Talk the talk with additional conversation topics with your mentor or mentee

For mentees

  • Are there any types of software that your mentor uses on a daily basis which might be helpful for you to get better acclimated to now rather than following graduation?
  • How does social media impact your mentor’s career, if at all?
  • What professional or trade publications would your mentor recommend you read to be familiar with industry trends and news?

For mentors

  • If you’re a LinkedIn user, provide suggestions how your mentee can broader their own network and groups. To learn more, register for the alumni association's Jan. 22 free LinkedIn webinar with expert and Marquette alumnus Wayne Breitbarth.
  • Are you looking to get more acclimated with social media or a new platform that might help with your job? Your mentee might be able to provide insights.
  • What companies does your mentee admire or have an interest in working at someday? Why? What should your mentee think about when considering internship or job opportunities?

Get more conversation topics with your mentee/mentor.

News Corner: Advice from Top Women Leaders About Finding a Mentor

Whether at work or in your personal lives, follow these practical tips to consider when seeking a mentor, according to this Jan. 6 Forbes article.

Visit the MUAA Mentor Pilot Program website for more information or contact Dan DeWeerdt at or (414) 288-4740.

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