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Robert E. Webb, Jr., Law ’97

Robert WebbRobert Webb is a big believer in second chances.

As a Wisconsin state public defender, he represents defendants who can’t afford an attorney of their own. Compassionate and committed, he is an effective advocate who works tirelessly to guarantee his clients equal justice under the law.

For the wrongly accused, he seeks to clear their name. For those who admit guilt, he seeks a punishment proportional to the crime, in many cases arguing for alternatives to incarceration. For innocent and guilty, he does all he can to ensure that a single wrong choice doesn’t permanently define their future.

“The criminal justice system has a lasting effect on many different lives,” Robert says. “Being part of the process is a way to give someone the chance to come back from a poor decision.”

He adds: “The essential thing for me is the thanks you get when you see someone you’ve worked with at the barbershop or the grocery store, and he or she has taken that second chance and really run with it. That’s what keeps me coming back.”

In 2004, Robert took a break from serving his community to serve his country by returning to active military duty. As a command judge advocate at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center near Indianapolis, he managed a legal office that served soldiers and their families. He also functioned as the primary legal counselor for the installation commander.

As a Marquette grad, Robert says, knowing you have a duty to serve is a given.

“That was paramount in the Jesuit education,” he says. “Those who have been given the most should provide for the least of us. That was instilled in us.”


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