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Michael J. Wallace, Eng ’69

Michael Wallace

While being interviewed for admission into the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program, Mike Wallace told Admiral Hyman Rickover that books provided no more than 50 percent of his education. The admiral was stunned ¬— and Mike almost wasn’t admitted into the program. Almost.

Despite that, Mike was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine force. And when he moved into non-military, corporate America, he chose a field with some similarities.

Recently Mike was elevated to the position of vice chairman of Constellation Energy, where he will lead and expand the development of the company's advancing new nuclear strategy and its international partnership, UniStar Nuclear Energy (UNE). He also co-founded Barrington Energy Partners LLC, a consulting firm specializing in energy industry transactions, and has advised energy company executives on mergers and acquisitions, transaction financing, and market and investment opportunities.

Mike brokered and is now chair of a joint venture with Electricite de France, the largest nuclear operator in the world, and is working to build the first new U.S. nuclear plant in 30 years. He also has worked with President George W. Bush, the U.S. Congress, and the Energy and Treasury departments in pursuing new options for nuclear energy.

“It is quite encouraging to see the broad-based support for this technology as part of the answer to global warming and the need for energy security,” he says.

Mike is on several boards, including the Big Shoulders Fund of Chicago, Catholic Charities of Maryland and the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security, which he chairs.

Thirty-nine years after graduation, Mike still credits the broad-based education and strong Christian values Marquette instilled in him for the professional success he has enjoyed.

“The Jesuit education and Marquette environment have been invaluable throughout my career,” he says.

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