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Shawn M. Skelton, ENG '82

After graduating from Marquette with honors, Dr. Shaun M. Skelton received a master’s in engineering from Stanford and a doctorate in international development management from George Washington University. But it was his experiences at Marquette and the university’s commitment to service and excellence that had a great impact on his life’s work.

After teaching in Kenya, Shaun became founder and director of Visions in Action, a nonprofit international development and volunteer organization whose members work in Africa and Latin America. He founded the organization “out of the conviction that there is much that we can learn from and contribute to the developing world by working as part of a community of volunteers committed to social justice.”

Since 1989, Visions has placed more than 600 international volunteers in eight developing countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Liberia and Mexico. Recently, Visions became the recipient of U.S. government support for the first time.

Shaun, who is currently based in Liberia, where he lives with his wife and two sons, hopes to move the organization forward by continuing public outreach and awareness of the work Visions does in improving the lives of those in great need in the developing world.

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